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We are a dynamic, established environmental consulting company, providing services with a focus on innovative methods and technologies in the fields of:

Gain benefits from the state-of-the-art methods and know-how of a leading international network.

We provide scientifically established, cost-effective, flexible and strategic solutions for the industry, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as private and public clients.

The environmental consultants _boden & grundwasser~ offer solution-oriented services in the areas: soil protection, contaminated sites, geothermal energy, water protection areas, contaminants in buildings, deconstruction and deposition of wastes, as well as the respective project coordination.

Our customers from industry, smaller businesses, municipalities, private builders and investors profit from our extensive experience, our knowledge on current developments in science and a good network.

The team of _boden & grundwasser~ consists of specialists in geoecology, geology, geography and hydrology. As such the team is actively contributing to the protection of soil, the sustainable use of groundwater and the use of the regional and regenerative energy source beneath our feet.