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Feasibility Studies for Geothermal Heating Systems

  • Evaluation of geological and hydrogeological site conditions
  • Examination of the planning permission and description of potential planning permission requirements
  • Estimation of investment and operation costs, including a comparison with conventional heating systems, Description of government aid
  • Recommendation of a geothermal energy source (downhole heat exchanger(s), thermal use of groundwater from wells, ground heat collectors, geothermal baskets)

Dimensioning / Planning of geothermal heating systems for heating and cooling

  • Preliminary examinations, such as hydraulic und geothermal yield tests, chemical characteristics of the groundwater et cetera
  • Calculation, Dimensioning and Planning of downhole heat exchangers and ground heat collectors, and well systems according to german engineering standards (VDI-Richtlinien 4640), installation of geothermal baskets
  • long term simulations for the operation of downhole heat exchangers and thermal use of groundwater with geothermal software (EED, SHEMAT)
  • Optimization of downhole heat exchangers by calculation of different alternatives e.g. with or without cooling power / water heating
  • Drilling notifications, water right applications


Call for bids, award of contract and construction supervision

  • Inquiry at various drilling companies, specialized installation businesses
  • Assessment and evaluation of the offers, comparison of prices, awarding recommendations
  • Supervision of drilling, installation of geothermal heating systems, quality control
  • Documentation of planning, installed systems and construction site supervision