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Personal contacts to universities and research institutes enable the use of current knowledge and innovative developments in practise, making it available to a larger user group. The current knowledge and the operational experience are passed on in the framework of a number of teaching assignments, seminars and conferences.

Proebenahme-Seminar Proebenahme-Seminar LAGA PN98

Interesting external projects & events

EUGRIS – the European Groundwater and Contaminated Land Information System

„EUGRIS is a web portal offering information and services on topics related to soil and water. EUGRIS operates as a community of collaborating projects, people and organisations who co-operate to supply information for the benefit of everyone and also to promote themselves and disseminate their work.“

Bavarian Federal Administration Schooling Facilities (BVS)

The BVS supports education and further development of competencies in Bavaria.

SONO Arsenic Waterfilter

Elevated concentrations of arsenic in drinking water are hazardous to the human health. This is especially in Bangladesh a big problem. Arsenic is found mostly in minerals, e.g. arsenopyrite (FeAsS) and can be leached from these. In rivers arsenic is resorbed on iron- and aluminumoxyhydroxides, which are deposited in the river bed. In groundwater the arsenic can then be released again to the drinking water through redoxreactions. A solution for this problem is the SONO Waterfilter.

Research at Cornell University on Terra Preta

Terra Preta are dark soils of anthropogenic origin. These are found in the Amazonas and were most likely created and used by the pre-Columbian Indians.

SODIS: Safe Drinking Water for All

„Access to water is a problem and water quality is a problem in many countries. Since 2011 Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and the ETH-Water Research Institute Eawag have disseminated their methods for water treatment at the household level. The key method is SODIS., (which makes use of the sun to disinfect rain water).“

German Federal Association for Soil

We are a member of the German Federal Association for Soil, which is a non-profit association, that deals with soil sciences and soil protection. The association provides a platform for the exchange between different experts from different fields, e.g. farming, landscape construction, recultivation, soil appraisal, standards and contaminated sites.“

GRETA – Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

We are a cooperation partner of GRETA. The project aims at improving the exchange of information and experience among the countries in the alpine region to support the sustainable use of renewable near-surface geothermal energy.