Geothermal Probes and Well Systems

Map, showing geothermal heat systems in southern Germany and Austria, which have been supervised by _boden & grundwasser~ (drilling prognosis, feasibility studies, permit applications, call for bids, groundwater sampling/-analysis, geological surveys, drilling supervision, completion reports, dimensioning/interpretation, TRT).
We have worked at 900 locations in Germany. (state September 2010)

Overview map - geothermal energy projects


Geothermal Probe Field – Stuttgart

Prognosis of the spatial temperature extension in groundwater – model calculations (boundary conditions and results /german).


Remediation Investigation of the former Municipal Waste Landfill Oberstaufen

Investigation of Contaminant Inventory, Landfill Gas, Landfill- and Groundwater, Ambient Air Investigations, Soil Vapour Extraction Investigations, Hazard Assessment, Remediation Concepts, Drain-and-Gate.
Published as a Poster at the Soil Protection Days Marktredwitz (Marktredwitzer Bodenschutztage) 2008: (Conference transcript script ) (Poster (ca. 5,5 MB))


Remediation of the Former Municipal Waste Landfill Tiefenbach near Oberstdorf

Preliminary and Detailed Investigation, Hazard Assessment, Remediation Concept, „Dig-and-Treat“, Remediation Plan, Remediation Support, Documentation.
Published as a presentation at the Soil Protection Days Marktredwitz (Marktredwitzer Bodenschutztagen) 2008: (Conference transcript script)



Detailed Investigation, Groundwater Monitoring of the Former Municipal Waste Landfill Heimertingen

Detailed Investigation, Pump Tests, Hazard Assessment, Groundwater Monitoring, Passive Sampler, Documentation.
Published as a presentation Symposium for Contaminated Site of the Association for the Remediation of Contaminated Sites in Bavaria (GAB), Passau 2007: (Conference transcript script) (slide deck of presentation (ca. 3,7 MB))


Hydrogeological Investigation of a Water Catchment Area for public Water Supply

Characterization of the Geometry of the Aquifer by surface geoelectrics and Direct-Push, determination of hydraulic parameters, Investigation of microbial parameters, Description of land use and climate, Groundwater Modelling, Hazard assessment, Dimensioning of water protection areas.
Published as a Poster on the Conference of the Division Hydrogeology of the German Geological Association (FH-DGG), Cottbus 2006: (Conference transcipt script )


Remediation Investigation of a former automotive industrial site in Cologne

Pump Tests, Flow meter measurements, Tracertests, Groundwater Modelling, Characterization of the Groundwater dynamics, Evaluation of the Contaminant Emissions, Hazard Assessment, Evaluation of the Potential for Natural Attenuation.
Published as a Presentation at the Conference of the Division Hydrogeology of the German Geological Association (FH-DGG), Darmstadt 2004 and at the Symposium for Contaminated Sites of the Engineering Association for Contaminated Sites (ITVA), Cologne 2005. (Conference transcript script)