Our Motivation and Aim

Soil, groundwater and air are indispensable to life.
Since soil is the essential substrate for the growth of plants, it builds  the basis for nutrition of humans and animals.
Groundwater is one of the most important resources for the supply of clean drinking water to people all over the world.
Some human activities, such as the sealing or removal and the contamination of soil impair the quality of soil and groundwater.

The aim of _boden & grundwasser~ is to contribute actively to the protection and remediation of these  significant important resources. Among other measures a reduction of the land consumption by modern management of contaminated sites is of crucial importance (land recycling).

Geothermal energy is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly energy source for the heating and cooling of buildings, which has up to today not been used consistently.

It is therefore another aim to enable the sustainable and scientifically reasonable use of regional and regenerative energy sources below our feet.


Personal contacts to a number of internationally recognized experts enable us to find adequate and state-of the-art solutions to complex and challenging problems.

Quality Assurance

We present our results on a regular basis in the form of presentations and publications for discussion by the scientific community. The feedback increases our knowledge and provides a new perspective, enabling authorities to take more reliable decisions. This ensures the quality of our services for our clients.