Non invasive and Historical Investigations

  • Investigation of history of use, contemporary witness interviews, identification of areas of suspected contamination
  • Evaluation of (historical) maps, files and aerial photographs
  • Review and evaluation of geological, hydrogeological and pedological information

Sampling and Chemical Analyses

  • Sampling of soil, soil air, leachate water, groundwater, surface water, drinking water (certified according to TrinkwV2001), construction material, buildings, excavated material, wood, sewage sludge, etc.
  • Chemical analyses through a subcontractor (accredited analytical laboratory according to BBodSchG)


Technical Investigations (preliminary, detailed and remedial investigation)

  • Shovel trench and bore hole
  • Soil air and landfill gas
  • Direct push and geophysics
  • Column tests
  • Immission pump tests, multilevel groundwater monitoring well, passive sampling


  • Percolation water prognosis
  • Risk evaluation of exposure pathways soil-human, soil-plant, soil-groundwater and soil-surface water
  • „Abfallrecht“ (german waste legislation)
  • Legal and economical evaluation


Remediation of Contaminated Sites and Brownfield Conversion

  • Remediation concepts and plans according to § 13 BBodSchG (german soil protection legislation)
  • Deconstruction plans and waste management
  • Call for bids for remediation and waste management services
  • Application of innovative remediation technologies: „Dig-and-Treat“, permeable reactive barriers, Funnel and Gate, Drain and Gate, optimised Pump and Treat, soil vapour extraction, airsparging, natural attenuation (monitored, enhanced), soil mixing, surfactant flushing, catalytic waste water treatment
  • Remediation management, monitoring and documentation


Certified Expert’s Reports and Review of Reports

  • Expertise for courts, insurances, investors
  • Assessment of existing reports


Groundwater Modelling

  • Groundwater modelling (flow and transport)
  • Dimensioning of water protection areas
  • Development of groundwater management plans and concepts